Monday, 19 December 2011

don't judge a book by its cover

we always listen and read on the above statement. that statement tell us that we cannot judge a person whether they are good or not by looking at their appearance..lot of people see a person in a good looking have a good attitude and a person that look messy is a bad person..but in reality life most of people can hide their badness and just show their kindness. so, be careful of person that have "two face"..

Friday, 16 December 2011

friday evening

nothing else to do except surfing internet and editing some picture..this always happen when there is no assignment to do, and feel lazy to study even final exam just around the corner. maybe already set in my mind that is still early to open the book and make some revision on all subject..i hope the "hardworking spirit" can come a little bit early so that can archive my goal..

Sunday, 11 December 2011

boring day

i don't know what to do for this day..i feel this whole day more than 24 hours because have a lot of free time..assignment completely done! final exam?? not ready yet to study! so, just fill this day with sleep, eat, surfing internet, chatting with friends, watching movie and so on..but, i spend a little of time to update my blog because i have to do it..otherwise Miss Fairus will make a "sportcheck" and i cannot get extra mark from her..hehe..dont get mad for this statement..

Monday, 28 November 2011

last minute preparation

today my group have a discussion about our role play and report on our interview last week. our role play is about UPSI problem such as parking, bus services, and internet problem. our lecturer, Miss Fairus said that our role play can be any topics but must be in, i hope everything will be done smoothly tomorrow without any problem because that role play must be in so easy like ABC..hhahaha..

Thursday, 17 November 2011

17/11/2011 (night)

i feel very happy today because " young tiger" manage to eat "young garuda" in group stage..congratulation to ong kim swee players that manage to keep Indonesian football fan from keep arrogant that just only them have a strong squad. but i feel so so mad to Indonesian fan because they don't respect Malaysia national anthem that is "Negaraku" and keep making noise while that song are being played..i'm sure not only me feel that kind of feeling..once again, congratulation to Malaysia Football Team that manage to make another step forward at Sukan Sea Indonesia 2011 and hopefully they can bring gold medal in this sport.."MALAYSIA BOLEH"

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


i only have 2 individual and 1 group assignment that are not complete yet. there are a few factors why my assignment not complete yet such as lazy, postpone work, facebooking, games, and others. hahaha it just like thesis statement..all reference material have been collected and just wait for me to compile them in one complete assignment. some of my friend have done their assignment and why not i be like them?? they manage to overcome their laziness and why not i be like them?? they can rilex while other friends including me busy doing our assignment..oh Allah please give me strength so that i keep moving forward and can complete all my task.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

4 november 2011

2.08 am: i'm just finished packing my stuff because tomorrow morning i will go back to my hometown at Selama Perak. hope nothing bad happen along my journey to my hometown..

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

busy! busy! and busy week!

this week is the most busy week since i in semester 3..this is because a lot of assignment that  i should submit on this week and some of them will be submit after holiday..not only me facing this situation but also all UPSI student..although i'm busy, but i still online on Facebook to release my tension for a while before start again the journey to finish our task..sometime i exchange idea on Facebook with my friends about assignment but often i like to tease my friends no matter on their pictures or status..thats all i can share for this post and i hope that this busy week will end as soon as possible and i cannot wait the day i'm free from any assignment..fuhhh

Thursday, 27 October 2011

awesome trip to Teluk Batik

          Last 25 & 26 October 2011, my Suksis friends and I join a trip to Teluk Batik..we took 6 cars to get there..our journey started at 11 o'clock and we arrived at Mr Jaafar Homestay about 2.30 p.m..after we made some preparations, we continued to the beach for recreational activities..At night, we held our BBQ activities..we grilled chicken and it taste so delicious..after that, we took a sleep to get some rest..
          In the next morning, we went to Lumut beach and snap some picture as our memory we had been there..after that, we spend our money and buy some snacks at Anak Laut shop..our journey continued to Teluk Intan to see "Menara Condong" and we took a lunch there before we went to Tapah Waterfall..along we went home, we had to scoured a flood but we can't make, he had to change our way and used highway..about 9 pm we arrived at Kolej Ungku Omar..thats all the synopsis that i can share with all reader..

Monday, 24 October 2011

monday evening

i had my lunch with my housemates, Kamal, Pejo, Ise, and Wan at Jalan Ketoyong..after that we went to Grand Union and then but a lot of groceries such as rice, sardines, onion, sugar, and others.. after that we go back home and take a rest..the most important thing is on this night we will hold a meeting on a community services program at Felda Gedangsa, Selangor..we will discuss about preparations before that programs will be held including paperwork, budjet, and activities. hopefully don't have any problem occur before or during that program been held..

Thursday, 20 October 2011

friday morning

Actually this is my picture that are captured last year at Royal Musium Kuala Kangsar..I went there with my friend, Farhan@Paan. We took almost one and a half hours to reach there from our house..The most interesting about this musium was built without using nails..This showed that in the past also have a great carpenter..i'm really salute the creation of the carpenters because have shown their capability to built a castle and still exist till now..

Monday, 17 October 2011

in the middle between morning and afternoon

Ise, Haris, and I is waiting for rice to cook..ohhh we are so hungry because we dont take a breakfast just now..while waiting, Ise and I playing computer game that is called Pro Evolution Soccer 2011(PES). For all readers  information, my house members will play that game everytime we finish our meal eventhough in the afternoon or night..

Friday, 14 October 2011

day 4

oh i forgot to update my post yesterday because busy on my work..although i don't have a class yesterday, but i have a lot of work to do on assignment and  suksis work..i have prepared montage with my roomate, "Wan Spade" for suksis oraganisation meeting that will be held tonight at KUO's hall. while we prepared that montage, my housemate "Ise" came to our room and we talk about ghost story. we shared our experience together based on true story and other people story to. about 3am, all of us sleep and thats the end of 14 october 2011.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

day 3

as usual, my day began from morning to night cross the time..nothing special that i can share with u guys..but the most important thing that happen today is my friend, "abil core" try in helping me to improve my blog become more interesting to share with all my friends. but at this time nothing happen yet because "abil core" go out with his friend for a dinner..i have to postpone my intention about a few hours before start to "operate" my blog..hehehe

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

day 2

i woke up late in the morning about 720am and was late went to the class at pc. luckily when i arrived there lecturer did not come yet. class went well today alomost 2 hours in pc6. i went home after that. about at 11am, i feel that i want cook for my housemate. so, i've prepared sardines, omelette. fried fish. i feel proud about it. so i'm really thankful because my housemates not get a stomach ache..from now i can be a chef in our of my day run as usual and nothing special i want to share..

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


finally i have a blog..i move one step forward to improve my english language. hope u guys can help and guide me