Thursday, 27 October 2011

awesome trip to Teluk Batik

          Last 25 & 26 October 2011, my Suksis friends and I join a trip to Teluk Batik..we took 6 cars to get there..our journey started at 11 o'clock and we arrived at Mr Jaafar Homestay about 2.30 p.m..after we made some preparations, we continued to the beach for recreational activities..At night, we held our BBQ activities..we grilled chicken and it taste so delicious..after that, we took a sleep to get some rest..
          In the next morning, we went to Lumut beach and snap some picture as our memory we had been there..after that, we spend our money and buy some snacks at Anak Laut shop..our journey continued to Teluk Intan to see "Menara Condong" and we took a lunch there before we went to Tapah Waterfall..along we went home, we had to scoured a flood but we can't make, he had to change our way and used highway..about 9 pm we arrived at Kolej Ungku Omar..thats all the synopsis that i can share with all reader..


  1. exhausting but we all are happy,...

  2. tq for drive "that car" with patiently...

  3. thank drive carefully~
    hahahah,,'that car' have a nice sound~